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Mrs. Fizzywiggle


Hello there! My name is Mrs. Fizzywiggle and I would like to thank you very much for coming! I hope you enjoy reading what I've posted so far. I just love to write things for you to read! Do you know what I especially love? When you tell me how much you enjoyed reading today! I've been writing little poems and stories for children since I was a young child. Do you know why? Because I loved to read books from my favorite author. Dr. Seuss!
I know that some of my writing is not as silly as his, but i'm sure that you will enjoy it just the same!
Please be sure to let me know what you think and Happy Reading!


Mrs. Fizzywiggle

A Note To Parents

Welcome to my Just for Kids blog!
Since my writing began at a very early age, I kept everything as it was written, ridiculous or not. I wanted the essence of the moment, age, and the progression through the years to be present to my readers, both children and parents.
Now that my children are grown and I have a grandchild, my writing has taken on a new meaning: Bring back to our children what they are losing - the written word. Stimulate their imaginations with words. Encourage them to create pictures in their minds of the characters I create as they travel on their
journeys. Jump in the book and take the journey with them.
The stories that I post on this site are what I like to call teasers or excerpts from my yet-to-be
published books. I am hoping that in the near future, I will be able to provide you with links to
purchase the complete stories so that you and your child/children can enjoy them many times.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't Say No!

Do you say no to Mom or Dad?
When you are feeling a little mad?
It's time to stop your play to eat,
You come inside  "Please wipe your feet!"

You tell Mom "NO! my feet are clean!"
You sound quite stern, and very mean.
Mom looks at you and shakes her head,
"I don't think I heard what you said!"

"Did you say no to wipe your feet?
I can say no when its time to eat!
No food for you, no snack no drink!
Your belly will be hungry, what do you think?"

"Would you like me to say no to you
When you ask for help to tie your shoe?
For a hug in the morning or a kiss at night?
Do you think saying no would be alright?"

"I think that you would be very sad
If I told you no whenever you had
something you needed me to help you do,
You would not like it very much, would you?"

"I would not." you said with quiet voice
Knowing that you needed to make the right choice.
You stood for just one minute more
Then wiped your feet as you came in the door.

To my Readers:  It's ok to be angry sometimes, or not want to do something, but your Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much and it is important to be good listeners!

Mrs. Fizzywiggle