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Hello there! My name is Mrs. Fizzywiggle and I would like to thank you very much for coming! I hope you enjoy reading what I've posted so far. I just love to write things for you to read! Do you know what I especially love? When you tell me how much you enjoyed reading today! I've been writing little poems and stories for children since I was a young child. Do you know why? Because I loved to read books from my favorite author. Dr. Seuss!
I know that some of my writing is not as silly as his, but i'm sure that you will enjoy it just the same!
Please be sure to let me know what you think and Happy Reading!


Mrs. Fizzywiggle

A Note To Parents

Welcome to my Just for Kids blog!
Since my writing began at a very early age, I kept everything as it was written, ridiculous or not. I wanted the essence of the moment, age, and the progression through the years to be present to my readers, both children and parents.
Now that my children are grown and I have a grandchild, my writing has taken on a new meaning: Bring back to our children what they are losing - the written word. Stimulate their imaginations with words. Encourage them to create pictures in their minds of the characters I create as they travel on their
journeys. Jump in the book and take the journey with them.
The stories that I post on this site are what I like to call teasers or excerpts from my yet-to-be
published books. I am hoping that in the near future, I will be able to provide you with links to
purchase the complete stories so that you and your child/children can enjoy them many times.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Molly's Flower

Molly's Flower

“Is it time yet Mommy?”  Molly asked

“Not yet Molly.  Why don’t you go outside and play with Buttercup for a while?”

Molly went outside to play with Buttercup like Mommy told her to.  Boy did she love Buttercup.  He was a big yellowy colored dog that Mommy and Daddy called a golden-treever. Molly remembered when Daddybrought him home.  Daddy asked Molly what name would be good for him.  Molly thought for a minute and came up with a very special name for her new puppy.

  “He is Buttercup, Daddy!”

 “Buttercup” earned his name because he was yellow and Molly loved yellow because it was the color of so many beautiful flowers.

Molly picked up a ball and started throwing it to Buttercup.  Playing catch was one of their favorite games.  Molly would throw the ball and he would bounce after it, pick it up and would always bring it back to Molly.  Buttercup would drop the ball at Molly’s feet hoping that she would throw it for him again.

After what seemed like they were playing catch forever, Molly decided to go into the back yard and pick some pretty flowers for Mommy. Buttercup wanted to go too, so he ran in a big circle around Molly as she jumped over sticks, twirled like a ballerina, and hopped like a bunny.  That was the fun way to get to the back yard.

When Molly finally finished dancing her way into the back yard, she saw that Daddy was outside watering the garden.. Molly didn’t really like that garden. It wasn’t pretty because there were no flowers – just yucky vegables!

Molly went to her favorite spot in the back yard under a big maple syrup tree.  She picked five beautiful flowers for Mommy, because Molly was five, called Daddylions.  At least that’s what she heard Mommy call them.  They grew around the tree all the time.

“I wonder what Mommylions look like?” she asked herself aloud. “Maybe they are the white fuzzy ones you blow away.”


  1. My daughter just got a sneak peek at Molly's flower. Here is what she had to say.

    ITS GREAT SO GOOD EXLIANT. I got to say i love Sunflowers there pretty. You have to be a writter. I liked EVERY THING. You are awsome.


    Emma Espinoza

    age 9 in a half

    1. Thank you Emma! I'm so glad you liked my story! I can't wait until i can share more with you!